Exhibition Shell Scheme Services

We plan, design, build. install & remove shell scheme systems to support your event and your exhibitors. With our high-quality, cost-effective and state-of-the-art custom shell scheme exhibition stands, we can help you create an exceptional exhibition environment.

What is shell scheme?

Shell scheme is a common type of stand system used by exhibition contractors. It is a walled structure made up of interchangeable panels to create zones for exhibitors to use. Supplied in one-metre breaks or modules, we can quickly assemble your shell scheme to exact specifications.

Shell Scheme is extremely popular with event organisers because of the ease of use and customisation it provides. Many exhibition layouts are possible, with different arrangements of stands or booths to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

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Benefits of our shell scheme hire services

For event organisers, a shell scheme is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to organising complex exhibition spaces.

Quick to assemble: the panels and frames slot together easily. With our experienced set-up and build team on hand, your space will be set up in no time.
Consistency of spaces: Exhibition shell schemes give exhibitors a level playing field, with each space afforded the same platform from which to market themselves.
Clear lines of responsibility: Each space is clearly defined, so there is no confusion among exhibitors as to the boundaries in which they can represent themselves. This also ensures a neat and tidy event floor, making risk assessments simple to enact.
Fully customisable: Our exhibition panels have flat clean surfaces which make it simple to apply shell scheme graphics and branding.

Shell Scheme

Why choose Lion for shell scheme services:

  • Octanorm modular system with silver metalwork
  • Industry’s most respected system
  • Shorter installation & removal times
  • Maintained to high standard
  • Many options for colour, finish & style
  • Variety of innovative layouts
  • CAD floorplanning service included

Ways to use our exhibition shell scheme

At Lion Exhibitions, we know no two exhibitions or shows are the same. Our shell scheme hire system is versatile and can create a range of spaces to provide everything your event needs. We work with you to design your event shell scheme layout, using panels to create designated zones and feature areas. These might include seminar theatres, lounges and catering points.

Door panels can be included to create offices, green rooms or storage spaces, separate from the rest of the event. With signage and shell scheme graphics, you can highlight registration desks and information points for your visitors to find easily. The customisable bespoke panels and graphics can also be used to create signage and branding around a venue.

Event organisers put a lot of effort into creating a space with the right atmosphere, using the space to its full potential. If your space has some areas you’d rather not show off, or if there are dead spaces and unused zones, we can use shell scheme panels to wall off these parts and allow your event to shine.

How we prepare your shell scheme exhibition stands

We work together with you to discuss your event’s requirements and our custom options. With CAD floorplanning services included, you can be sure that our innovative layouts can bring out the best in the space available to you.

Shell scheme dimensions

Our shell scheme is supplied in one-metre or half-metre breaks or modules, enabling uniform construction of exhibition spaces in regular proportions appropriate to the space available.

Shell scheme graphics

The panels of our shell scheme are a blank canvas for your exhibitors to work with. Your exhibitors can order shell scheme graphics to transform the panels of their stand into a branded billboard that makes their zone stand out from the crowd. These graphics can support product explanations, advertise services or strengthen branding, with various options available. Read more about our Shell Scheme Graphics offering.

Shell scheme installations

Our expert team can build, install and remove a shell scheme system quickly and efficiently. We follow a CAD floor-plan created in partnership with event organisers to ensure everything is in place. Once the shell scheme installation is complete, electrics, furniture and other services can be set up, offering exhibitors a fully functional space from which to market themselves.

Octanorm shell scheme

We work with the exhibition industry’s most respected system: Octanorm Style Shell Scheme. With silver metalwork and a modular design, this system is maintained to a high standard, providing many options for colour, finish and style.

How we fit and store your shell scheme panels

We maintain shell scheme panels to a high standard, ensuring a clean appearance for your event. We fit shell schemes with efficient, systematic methods, beginning with metal framings and fitting the panels later.

We brace all stalls to make sure each structure is sound and stable.

Our expert installers have worked with our Octonorm shell scheme many times and we can answer any further questions you may have about how we fit shell scheme panels.