Exhibition Electrics

We work to supply a variety of events with the different electrical services they require in a safe and reliable way.

Electrical services for exhibitions

We work to supply a variety of events with the different electrical services they require in a safe and reliable way.

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Standard spotlighting

Brighten up your exhibition with spotlighting. Including spotlights in your stand package will make the whole event brighter and stand displays more dazzling, creating a level playing field for all exhibitors.

Low-voltage lighting

To avoid overloading power supplies and reduce the energy consumption of your event, we provide low-voltage lighting for exhibitions.

Electrical sockets

Exhibitors may have their own equipment to power, so electrical sockets can be made available to each stand. These are all surge-protected and PAT circuit-tested for safety.

 Power cabling

Running power throughout a large exhibition space requires huge lengths of cabling and careful planning. Our electrical teams ensure all cables are protected and secured to provide a safe and reliable power supply for your event.

How we help save money on electrics for your event

Power-intensive events like exhibitions can find spiralling electrical costs a challenge. Our team can help your event save on costs for exhibition lighting and power by designing the most efficient use of power supplies. In some cases, we can help exhibitors understand electrical packages they may already have as part of the exhibitor fees so they don’t buy the same power twice.

How we deal with common electrical issues

We often find that, without careful management, underpowered sockets are overloaded, causing issues during the event that use valuable time and create safety issues. We discuss needs and allowances with all clients and exhibitors to head this off before it becomes an issue.

Why choose us for your shell scheme exhibition stand

As an independent, family-run company, we pride ourselves on a high level of service and providing good value for small and medium-sized events. We are based less than 10 miles from Birmingham’s NEC, but work in venues of all types across the UK. Several venues have listed us as preferred suppliers, thanks to our quality service and communication.

We plan every event to a T, providing certainty and confidence for event organisers and our installers, and we manage technical communications with the venue. Our flexible, responsive installations and free floor-planning service make us the most accessible providers for many exhibition organisers, delivering innovative solutions to modern challenges.