Social Distancing Products

In the post-Covid world, Lion Exhibition Services can help you adapt your event, workplace or premises to meet social distancing guidelines and keep your staff and customers safe and secure.

With our experience in creating temporary structures, managing visitor flows and creating signage solutions, Lion are well-placed to help you create a new way of working that will ensure everyone’s safety.

Whether you need to divide up office spaces, guide customers around retail environments or create compliant events, Lion can offer a custom-designed solution to help you get things moving again.

Below are just a few examples of products and services that could help but please contact us to find out more and to discuss the unique requirements of your business.

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Temporary Walling

Our supremely flexible shell scheme system walling can help redefine your workspace to adapt to the current challenges and make the best use of any space.

Available in both full and half-height, we can create temporary rooms, dividers and walkways, all planned, installed and maintained professionally for as long as required.

  • Divide up existing spaces
  • Rooms within rooms
  • Screens and dividers
  • Low height barriers
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Add signage and branding

Screens and Partitions

To divide up existing spaces, Lion can offer dividers and screens that can be designed to fit in with your own particular requirements.

Fully customisable and flexible, these products can be branded and brightened up to blend right in with existing identity of your spaces.

  • Hige variety of colours and finishes
  • Add branding and graphics
  • Add lights or powerpoints
  • Hygenic and easily maintained

Graphics and Signage

Whether its a safety warning or a sales promotion, get your message across on any surface in your workspace and turn dividers into uniters with some attention-grabbing graphics.

From floors to ceilings and walls to windows, Lion can help you to communicate clearly without having to say a word.

  • Print directly onto waling
  • Floor stickers
  • Directional signage
  • Distance markers
  • Health notices and reminders

Sanitiser Stations

Now essential for all workplaces, temporary sanitiser stations are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit in with your requirements

Signage, branding and instructions can be printed directly onto the station walls.

  • Variety of sizes and constructions
  • Easily cleaned
  • Portable
  • Printable

Backdrops for video meetings

With the proliferation of Zoom calls and digital meetings, why not create a corporate backdrop for your virtual boardroom with our stylish pop-up and tube system solutions?

How can I do more with my stand?

  • Variety of styles
  • Available in range of sizes
  • Print any image or message
  • Simple & safe to install

Barriers and directional walling

If you need to create new traffic flows in your workplace or manage the movement of the public on your premises, Lion can help you redefine your space.

Simple to plan, install and adapt, our barrier solutions can customise anything from 2 to 200 metres of linear space.

  • Solid walls 1m high
  • Rope and Post option available
  • Add branding and graphics to walling
  • Hygenic and easily maintained
  • Simple to adapt as required