Shell Scheme Hire

Leading shell scheme hire for exhibition and event organisers from Lion Exhibition.

Our expert team can plan, design, install & remove a shell scheme system designed to suit the specific needs of your event and your exhibitors.

By choosing our high quality, cost-effective and state-of-the-art shell scheme, we are confident we can help you create an exceptional exhibition environment.

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What is Shell Scheme?

Shell scheme is a common type of stand system used by exhibition contractors. This typically consists of a walled structure made up of interchangeable modular panels that can be built to various sizes and shapes for use by exhibitors. Supplied in one metre breaks or modules, this can be quickly assembled to exact specifications.

Due to its customizability and ease of use, it is extremely popular with event organisers and exhibitions are often mostly made up of shell scheme stands or booths.

Benefits of Shell Scheme

For event organisers, shell scheme is the easiest  and most cost effective way to quickly assemble a consistent space for all exhibitors, giving them all a level playing field to market themselves from.

Using this system also creates clear lines of responsibility between exhibitors, marking out the space they are each responsible for. This allows for well-defined areas for each exhibitor to represent their brand or business identity as fully as possible, as well ensuring a neat and tidy event floor.

Shell scheme is also fully customisable and its flat, clean surface means the application of graphics is simple and smart.

Shell Scheme

Why choose Lion for shell scheme services:

  • Octanorm modular system with silver metalwork
  • Industry’s most respected system
  • Shorter installation & removal times
  • Maintained to high standard
  • Many options for colour, finish & style
  • Variety of innovative layouts
  • CAD floorplanning service included

Our Shell Scheme Systems

Lion Exhibitions have many years of experience supplying shell schemes to exhibition organisers across the UK. We are confident we can meet your specific event requirements, supplying industry standard Octanorm-style systems with a smooth anodised finish.

After recently investing in a completely new stock, all of our shell scheme systems are of the highest standard and we can guarantee an excellent level of quality for every system we supply.

We have a huge range of stock available with an incredible number of different components, so the possibilities we can build are endless.

Further Uses of Shell Scheme

Aside from creating vibrant and functional exhibition spaces for events, shell scheme has a wide range of uses across the event industry.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Feature areas, such as seminar theatres, lounges and catering points.
  • Offices, green rooms & store rooms.
  • Registration desks & information points.
  • Poster boards.
  • Signage and branding around a venue.
  • Walling off unsightly areas or dead spaces


Alongside our shell scheme services, Lion will also provide a complimentary expert floorplanning service to every shell scheme customer.

By offering event and exhibition floorplanning alongside our shell scheme installations, we can ensure all the objectives & requirements for the event are met by creating an effective floorplan that makes the most of the space, conforms to Health & Safety considerations, maximises Organiser revenues and works perfectly for exhibitors and visitors alike.

If you are looking for a shell scheme contractor, contact us now to discuss your requirements and our expert team will be happy to help.